Quality and on-time delivery, guaranteed

Our Translation Quality Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our completed translations, we will perform a revision, at our own expense, until it meets your expectations. In other words, if there are any issues or questions with one of our translations, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with its quality and accuracy.

Order with confidence, an estimate of 96% of our orders are accepted without any further revisions needed.

Details about our Quality Assurance Approach

Our Quality Assurance Approach consists of a three-step translation process (“TEP”: Translation – Editing – Proofreading) and a final quality assessment (“QA”) performed by your project manager. Each of the three steps in the TEP process is completed by a different certified translator.

Our three-step translation process (“TEP”) is aimed at ensuring quality throughout the entire project. Editors review the work of the translators, proofreaders revise the work of the editors, and PMs revise the work of the proofreaders, ensuring translation services ready for publication purposes.

We also apply random QA checks on a sample of our projects. QA checks are performed through a standard industry test – the LISA test. This method allows for the objective revision of a project, rendering a result that is both qualitative and quantitative. The LISA test also serves as a means to clarify negative feedback from clients.

Our translators

We only work with certified, native-speaking professional translators with proven experience in your industry sector.

All our linguists must pass tests that are specific to the applicant’s field of expertise. The tests are then reviewed by our chief translators in that language pair. If the applicants pass the test, they become part of our selected team of translators.

Our translators are carefully screened and closely monitored on all projects. This takes place from the onset and continues for the duration of their time as active members of our translation team.